HOW Does Mobi stealth Work?

Details of EXACTLY HOW Mobi Stealth works to spy on a mobile phone

The way Mobistealth phone spy works is there are two parts to the Mobistealth phone spy product.

  1. The actual spy application that gets installed to the phone to be spied on
  2. The Mobistealth members area which is a web page.

Any time there is spy worthy information from the cell phone you are spying on the application on the cell phone silently communicates this information to the web server/Mobistealth members area.

A more detailed explanation of how Mobistealth works is the application code residing on the cell phone is event driven. What this means is programming source code is inserted inside of a cell phones events. The cell phone events we are referring to with Mobistealth are incoming_call, outgoing_call, incoming_sms, outgoing_sms, etc.

So for example when a phone call comes in to the cell phone with Mobistealth installed it diagram of how Mobistealth works. triggers the code in the incoming_call event to run. The code in this event tells the Mobistealth app to communicate with the Mobistealth members area, reporting parameters of the incoming_call event. A parameter means a specific detail. In our example of the incoming_call event parameters include:

  1. the time of the incoming call
  2. the phone number calling the cell phone
  3. how long the phone conversation lasts

So when a call comes in to our Mobistealth loaded cell phone the code in the incoming_call event communicates to your Mobistealth members area there is an incoming call, the time of the call, how long the call lasts, and the phone number that called. What you see in your Mobistealth members area regarding these phone calls is this:

Mobistealth calls history screen in the Mobistealth members area.

Compared to many other cell phone apps a mobile phone spy is one of the simplest programs to write because most apps actually manipulate data and manipulate the phone where as a cell phone spy like Mobistealth merely reports data to a web server, in this case, the Mobistealth members area. A Mobistealth phone spy app works a little harder than most cell phone spy software simply because the list of features and information Mobistealth app spies on is a bit more comprehensive and detail oriented.

So to sum up how Mobi Stealth works, in its simplest terms, is a spy/reporter sits on the cell phone and a receiver sits at the Mobistealth web site and both these spying parts work together as a team allowing you to see who your cheating spouse may be talking with or monitor your kids to see where they go and who they hang out with.

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