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Mobistealth mobile phone monitoring software is compatible with most Blackberry phones.

Mobistealth has a very extensive list of spy features for ANY cell phone at fantastic prices but if you are going to use Mobistealth mobile spy to spy on a Blackberry you get an extra bonus spy feature not available with MOST other Blackberry spy software. Blackberry mobile devices have their own special instant messaging system built in called BBM. Here is Wikipedia's detailed explanation of Blackberry BBM messaging.

Unlike most other spy software for Blackberry Mobistealth is capable of spying on and logging these messages in your Mobstealth members area. The reason this is very important is if the Blackberry user you are spying on is your spouse who you think is cheating, for example, if they are carrying on with another Blackberry user they may be communicating almost exclusively through the Blackberry BBM messaging system. A mobile spy program that does not capture this communication could be missing out on a lot of interactions between the two Blackberry users!

Mobistealth Lite spy plan for Blackberry starts at $39, the Mobistealth Pro spy plan for Blackberry starts at $79.

List of all of Mobistealth spy features for Blackberry mobile devices. Next to each spy feature will be an indication if that spy feature is included in the Lite or Pro spy plan:

  • Spy on calls received and origination from the Blackberry you are spying on. You will be able to see the exact time of all calls, how many minutes each calls lasts, if the call was incoming or outgoing, and the phone numbers calls are made to and received by the Blackberry mobile.
    Lite | Pro                          image of members area calls spy screen

  • Spy on SMS/text messages sent and received by the Blackberry with Mobistealth installed. Like call spying you will see the exact time of all SMS, if incoming or outgoing, phone numbers associated, and the exact contents of the text message.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area SMS spy screen

  • GPS location tracking of Mobistealth loaded Blackberry. You will be able to see the exact physical locations visited and traveled by the target cell phone. Locations get updated at intervals you pre define in your members area.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area GPS tracking spy screen

  • Contact list phonebook spying of all the names and numbers of people stored in the Blackberry contact list/phone book.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area contact list spy screen

  • Appointments book/calendar spying allows you to see all appointments set in the Blackberry phones calendar.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area appointments spy screen

  • Reverse phone number trace included in all Mobistealth memberships allows you to take any phone number and input it into the Mobistealth reverse phone lookup tool. Useful for taking phone numbers discovered in the calls and sms spy members area and putting them in the reverse phone trace tool to know the name and address of the person.
    Lite | Pro                           no image available at this time

  • Blackberry BBM messaging spy lets you see every BBM message sent and received by the target Blackberry. See the date and time the BBM message was sent or received and the unaltered contents of the Blackberry message.
    Pro                                    image of members area emails spy screen

  • Email spying lets you view every email the Mobistealth loaded mobile device sends and receives. See date and time of email, if the email was sent or received, as well as full contents of emails.
    Pro                                    image of members area emails spy screen

  • Photo logging lets you see an photos captured with the camera built in to the Mobistealth monitored mobile phone.
    Pro                                    no image available at this time

  • Environment bugging/Surround spy lets you instantly turn the Blackberry, with Mobistealth installed, into a room bugging device by simply sending a secret SMS command to the target mobile device. Hear everything going on around the cell phones location.
    Pro                                    no image available at this time

List of all of the Blackberry mobile phones Mobistealth is compatible with. This list of Blackberry phones compatible with Mobistealth spy is alphabetical.

If you don't see the Blackberry you want to spy on in the list then view the updated Mobistealth supported phones page as Mobistealth may have recently made Mobistealth compatible with that Blackberry device even though it is not yet shown below. If it turns out the Blackberry you want to spy on with Mobistealth is not compatible with Mobistealth then visit the mobile phone spying website that lists all the compatible cell phone spy software programs for almost every single Blackberry cell phone there is.

  • Black Berry 8700c
  • Black Berry 8700g
  • Black Berry 8700r
  • Black Berry 8703e
  • Black Berry 8707g
  • Black Berry 8800
  • Black Berry 8820
  • Black Berry 8830
  • Black Berry Bold 9000
  • Black Berry Bold 9700
  • Black Berry Curve 8300
  • Black Berry Curve 8310
  • Black Berry Curve 8320
  • Black Berry Curve 8330
  • Black Berry Curve 8500
  • Black Berry Curve 8520
  • Black Berry Curve 8530
  • Black Berry Curve 8900
  • Black Berry Pearl 8100
  • Black Berry Pearl 8110
  • Black Berry Pearl 8120
  • Black Berry Pearl 8130
  • Black Berry Pearl 9100
  • Black Berry Pearl 9105
  • Black Berry Pearl Flip 8220
  • Black Berry Pearl Flip 8230
  • Black Berry Storm 9530
  • Black Berry Storm2 9550
  • Black Berry Torch 9810
  • Black Berry Tour
  • Black Berry Tour 9630
  • BlackBerry 9780
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
  • BlackBerry Curve 9330
  • BlackBerry Style 9670
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800

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