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On this page you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Mobistealth mobile spy. Before submitting a support ticket look through this list of questions and answers below. Most likely your question will be answered below. Click here to visit the Mobistealth home page.

To use Mobistealth spy software is access to the target phone (the phone you want to spy on) required?

  • Mobi stealth must be directly installed to the phone you wish to spy to. so access to the target phone, the one you want to spy on, is required to spy on that phone with Mobi stealth. You can install mobistealth to their cell phone while they are in the shower or sleeping. One trick I often recommend to get access to the target phone is next time the partner whose cell phone you want to install Mobistealth to is at your place pretend you have to go out suddenly and unexpectedly for a short period of time. You are frantically looking for your mobile phone because you have to make an important call while you are out. You can't find your phone so you need to borrow your partners cell phone to make that important call but you'll be back in only about 20 or 30 minutes. When they let you borrow their cell phone while you are out this is your opportunity to install Mobistealth without their knowledge. If there is absolutely no way to access the target phone to install Mobistealth consider a remote cell spy program like cell control.

Which mobile phones does Mobistealth work on - which cell phones are compatible with Mobistealth spy?

  • Mobistealth is compatible with most every smart phone that is an Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, Blackberry, and iPhone. Visit Mobistealth supported cell phones page to see every single cell phone that is 100% compatible with Mobistealth.

Will the cell phone owner know their cell phone has Mobistealth spy installed on it?

  • Mobi stealth has been tested and retested in every possible situation and there is no way the person whose cell phone you are spying on will ever know their phone has Mobistealth installed. Mobistealth in complete stealth and silence.

To use Mobistealth mobile phone spy to spy on a cell phone is any additional special software or utilities required?

  • The only thing required to spy on a cell phone with Mobistealth is the Mobistealth spying application which gets installed the phone you want to spy on and some sort of Internet access so you can login to your members area to view the spy information of the phone with Mobi stealth installed. This Internet access to log on to your members area can be either from a cell phone or a desktop or laptop computer.

As Mobistealth becomes updated with new spying features added do I have to pay extra or will these updates automatically be included at no charge?

  • While you remain a customer of Mobistealth phone spy any and all updates and added spying features and services are included at no additional charge to you.

Can Mobi stealth be used to spy on multiple phones at the same time?

  • Mobistealth can only be used to spy on one cell phone at a time. This is true of all cell phone spy software. At the current time the only phone spy that allows installation to multiple mobile devices is spy bubble.

I have just purchased Mobistealth. Where can I download the spy app to install to the target cell phone? What do I do next to start spying on the target phone?

  • Within a few minutes of purchasing Mobistealth phone spy and becoming a member you will receive an e-mail that will contain everything you need to begin spying on the target cell phone. This will include exact instructions and where to go to download the Mobi stealth spy application to the target phone.

What if the person whose cell phone I am spying on changes phones or get a new phone? Is it okay to install Mobistealth to the new cell phone?

  • Mobistealth can only be used to spy on one cell phone at the time. If the person you wish to spy on changes cell phones you may deactivate Mobistealth on the prior phone and install Mobistealth of the new cell phone as many times as you wish.

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