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Mobistealth mobile phone spy app is compatible with most IPhones.

Spying on the IPhone with Mobistealth spy you have two types of spy plans available. There is the Mobistealth Lite spy plan starting at $39 and the Mobistealth Pro spy plan starting at $79.

The most common reason people want to spy on an IPhone with Mobistealth cell spy is suspicion of infidelity in the relationship. If your partner keeps their IPhone tightly guarded and there is no way you can get your hands on their IPhone for the five minutes required to install Mobistealth you might want to consider a remote cell spy like Cellcontrol. Although Mobistealth is more reliable and a better choice.

One trick I have often revealed to people to get a hold of their IPhone so you CAN install Mobistealth is pretend you have to go out and can't find your own cell phone. You must make an important call so you need to borrow their IPhone. This is your opportunity to install Mobistealth. If they are so guarded with their IPhone this does not work then that alone is something to be very suspicious of.

Spy features for spying on IPhone with Mobistealth spy: Next to each spy feature will be an indication if that spy feature is included in the Lite or Pro spy plan:

  • Spy on calls that are made AND received by the IPhone. You will be able to see the exact time of each calls and how long each call lasts. You will also be able to see phone numbers calls are made to and received by the IPhone you are spying on.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area calls spy screen

  • Spy on SMS/text messages sent and received by the IPhone which includes the time, if the SMS is incoming or outgoing, and the exact contents of all text mesages, word for word.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area SMS spy screen

  • GPS location tracking of IPhone with Mobistealth on it. How frequently the location of the IPhone is updated in your Mobistealth members area is configurable by you. View their exact path of travel on a map in the Mobistealth members area.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area GPS tracking spy screen

  • Contact list phonebook spying of all the names and numbers of people stored in the IPhone contact list/phone book.
    Lite | Pro                           image of members area contact list spy screen

  • Websites visited with the IPhones web browser are viewable by you. See the time each website was visited and what web sites were visited in the Mobistealth members area. Did they visit dating sites? Porno sites?
    Lite | Pro                           no image available at this time

  • Email spying lets you view every email the Mobistealth loaded IPhone sends and receives. See date and time of email, if the email was sent or received, as well as full contents of emails.
    Pro                                   image of members area emails spy screen

  • Photo logging lets you see an photos captured with the camera built in to the Mobistealth monitored IPhone.
    Pro                                  no image available at this time

  • Video logging lets you view any video captured with the target IPhone. See date and time video was captured as well as view the videos captured.
    Pro                                   no image available at this time

  • Environment bugging/Surround spy lets you instantly turn the IPhone with Mobistealth installed into a room bugging device by simply sending a secret SMS command to the IPhone. Hear everything going on around the phones location.
    Pro                                   no image available at this time

IPhone models compatible with Mobistealth for IPhone:

If you don't see the IPhone you want to spy on in the list then visit the recently updated list of all cell phones compatible with Mobistealth spy. Mobistealth may have recently made Mobistealth compatible with that IPhone model even though it is not yet shown below. If the IPhone you want to monitor with Mobistealth is not compatible with Mobistealth then visit the mobile phone spying page that lists all the different compatible cell phone spy software programs for almost every single cell phone there is including IPhones.

  • IPhone 2G
  • IPhone 3G
  • IPhone 4
  • IPhone 3GS

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