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Mobistealth LITE spy plan is the least expensive spy plan for spying on a cell phone. The Mobistealth LITE plan starts at $39. Any cell phone compatible with Mobistealth has the LITE spy plan available for it. Here is the complete list of spying features included with Mobistealth LITE:

  • SPY CALL HISTORY: see every phone call made and received by the cell phone with Mobistealth installed. You see the exact time, down to the second, the phone call was made or received, how long, exactly the phone call lasts, and see the phone numbers calls are made to and received from. These phone numbers can be input into the reverse phone trace utility (see below) that is included with the Mobistealth light spy plan. -> Mobistealth members area spy call history screen
  • SPY SMS HISTORY: any text messages sent and received by the cell phone with Mobistealth install you will be able to see the exact contents of every single text message word for word. You'll also be able to see the exact time every text messages sent or received as well as the phone numbers text messages are sent to and received from. -> Mobistealth members area SMS spy history screen
  • SPY GPS LOCATION TRACKING: no matter where the cell phone with Mobistealth installed and its owner goes you will be able to see where they travel 24 hours a day seven days a week. Not only is there exact path of travel throughout the day and night visible on the map which you can completely configure how frequently the cell phone and the owners location is updated in your members area. No matter where this person goes with Mobistealth installed on their mobile device you will know.  -> Mobistealth members area GPS location spy screen
  • CONTACTS ACCESS: any contacts that are stored in the cell phone with Mobistealth installed can be viewed by you. You will be able to see the names and telephone numbers of anybody stored that cell phones phone book.  -> Mobistealth members area contacts spy screen
  • REVERSE PHONE NUMBER TRACE: take any phone number, including landline phone numbers, cell phone numbers, nonpublished numbers, and even unlisted numbers, run them through the reverse phone number trace tool to find out the name and address of the person who owns that phone number.  -> example of reverse phone number trace tool
  • TRACKING CELL PHONE WITHOUT GPS: in the unlikely event the target cell phone does not have GPS enabled on their cell phone this alternate method of retrieving the cell phone owners constant location is used. This method is used by determining the nearest cell phone tower to the current location of the cell phone owner.
  • WEB BROWSER HISTORY SPY: any websites visited by the cell phone with Mobistealth installed on it is viewable by you. See the exact time the websites are visited as well as the web address. note: this feature is not available for some cell phones including many Blackberry, Symbian/Nokia, and Windows Mobile phones. When you join Mobistealth part of the signup process involves selecting the mobile device model you wish to install Mobistealth too. On the next page all of the exact spy features for that cell phone are revealed.

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