Mobi Stealth PROBLEMS

Problems other users of Mobi Stealth may have had with Mobi Stealth

Regarding Mobistealth problems 99% of the time any problems or issues people have with Mobistealth phone spy are caused because the user didn't carefully read instructions for use of Mobistealth. Although how to install and use Mobistealth is very similar with a different type of cell phone operating systems there are slight differences with the exact way you install Mobistealth to a BlackBerry versus how you install Mobistealth to an Android cell phone for example.

If instructions for the install and use of Mobistealth are not followed exactly this can result in the cell phone spy product not working properly or not work at all. When you sign up for Mobistealth to spy on a cell phone within a minute or two you will get an e-mail from them containing everything you need including links to the spy software itself as well as exact instructions for the cell phone you want to spy on.

If you have any questions or doubts whatsoever about how to properly install Mobi stealth to the target mobile device or how to use Mobistealth properly don't guess! Contact Mobistealth customer support immediately and pose your question to them. They will give you the correct answer to make sure mobile stealth operates properly without errors.

The only other known issue or problem users have had with Mobistealth is understanding and implementing the concept of custom SMS commands that get sent to the target cell phone to manipulate it. An example of using a custom SMS command is activating the surround spy feature of Mobistealth. The surround spy feature turns the target cell phone into a room bugging/listening device that allows you to hear everything going on within 20 or 30 feet of the cell phone. To activate this feature you send the target cell phone a special SMS command. Many users don't know what this SMS command is. The SMS command you send is entirely configurable and customizable by you. For instance you could designate that when you send the cell phone you are spying on with Mobistealth the text message "turn spybug on" that this SMS command or text message sent to the target phone will activate the spy room bugging feature. It could be any string of characters you want. It could be "mary had a little lamb" or anything else you want.

If you are aware of any problems with Mobistealth that you wish to report then click here to submit a Mobistealth problem report.

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